Welcome Greg Oden!!!

Living here in Portland there are a ton of expectations on Greg Oden. People jump on the band wagon really quick and they jump off really quick only to jump on the dog pile. It is really annoying. People just need to give him time to get into the NBA. Tonight was really his second game. He is a number one pick who was the pick of the decade to most people. Then he was hurt for all of last year then in the first 2 minutes of his first game he gets hurt again. He came back to play for the first time in Miami a few days ago and played tonight in New Orleans. He is now coming off the bench which is great in my opinion. In the Miami game he looked OK but still not in sync.

Tonight he looked great. He was a major defensive presence - patrolling the paint. He looked good running the floor - which he had not to this point. He was aggressive on the offensive end even though he did not get his number called much. He had a monster dunk off an inbounds play that was good to see. The main thing in my mind is that he seemed to feel comfortable for the first time ever on the court in the NBA. He was into the game and there was no center on New Orleans that could keep up with him. Here is what we have to look forward to in the future - a sky high block - this was awesome.