Need Something Like Mozy or MyPictureTown?

I have been looking for some time to find a program that would allow me to store photos online. In today's day and age if you lost a drive of photos it would be the equivalent of a fire in a house. I have a back up external drive of our photos but if the house burned down we would lose them. I have taken a drive out of the house but that is hard to remember. I have tried Mozy but it would not work on an external drive. If they could fix that it would be the way to go. I have started using My Picture Town by Nikon. It seems to be a good resource but it is taking forever to load all of our photos. It does have taking which is cool and it keeps them all online so that I can get to them anywhere. The price is very reasonable. I would expect with all the talk about Cloud Computing there will be a user friendly solution coming. If anyone knows of a tool that will work with a Mac or a PC - work with an external drive and constantly backup in increments for a low price please LET ME KNOW.