Sometimes You Have to Take a Time Out and Regroup

My current role at work could have me working 24/7 for quite some time. I love the work I am doing and it is very engaging but I have to be careful. Yesterday I was just not feeling very engaged with working - which should be OK since it was Saturday. Everyday that goes by I feel like I have missed some time to be productive. Yesterday I just could not get motivated to do much - so I didn't.  I rode my bike and did some errands but that was about it.  Looking back on it today it was the best thing I could have done because today I am ready to execute on some things. Lesson learned that sometimes you have to take some time off to regroup.

When I started working years ago it was for a Big 4 accounting firm where staff were usually just worked as hard as possible. It was just considered part of the job and on some engagements that meant lots of hours 7 days a week. A partner I was working for once said he would rather staff take 30 minutes to regroup if they needed to rather than working in a partially productive way - this was not the norm at the time. You are much more productive by taking some time off than just pounding through a task. Taking yesterday off has put me in a much better place today - bring on the week.