Gene Kim - Rock & Roll Kung Fu Low Tech Style

I have worked with Gene for about 5 years and he never ceases to amaze me. We have had many interesting conversations and Gene's thirst for knowledge is never ending. Gene is a founder of Tripwire and just a really smart and curious person. Gene is well know in our part of the software world and has a great technical knowledge which we refer to as Kung Fu. I was in visiting Gene and Dwayne Melancon the other day and Gene pulls out this ancient looking device. Dwayne and I normally discuss the newest gadget coming out or website we found. So we harassed Gene thoroughly but Gene had a great point. He is easily distracted by email the Internet and every other possibly thing. I realized that I am the same way. So what is this thing? It is the NEC MobilePro 900c and it is actually a new product. It is a device with a full keyboard and some software. It allows Gene to write and not be distracted because he can't go to email or the Internet. Focus is a very difficult thing and going more low tech and slowing down might be the answer to better focus.