Ok - so what is up with the name. There are a ton of blogs out there and every simple name was taken. This is a combination of two books I have read in the past year that have had an impact on me. The first book is the Monk and the Riddle - The Education of a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur. This book is fairly simple and straight forward. Do something you like and are passionate about. The story is about a guy starting a funneral company on the internet. He originally had an passion about the idea and wanted to do it for more than money. Over time he could just see $ signs and not the original idea.

The second is a book but I really heard Kevin Carroll speak in Portland about 6 months ago. The book is called The Rules of the Red Rubber Ball. The idea is for you do follow what you love and it will lead you on your path through life. Kevin has an amazing personal story to tell. His journy to get where he is today is encouraging and enlightening. Kevin writes a blog and runs a consulting practice.

The theme of these books are to do what you love and it will lead you on your journey. I have been working in accounting for 7 years and am at a crossroads in my career. I have much more to offer than working in accounting and I have a strong desire to do more. I love to lead and love the challenge of business. I like creativity and solving problems. That is limited to some degree in accounting. So this blog is for fun and for me to explore many items as I try and find out what I want to do in the next stage of my life.