The Next PDA

So one of my favorite topics will be about gadgets - especially phones. I have very picky about my cell phone and I have traditionally had something that I can do email and work on. A bad habit but I tend to be very connected to work. I have had in the past a Treo 600 - it died. Then I went to a Treo 650 - then work decided to to move to Blackberry or Window Mobile. My Treo was a palm device so it was out. I move to the Cingular 8525 which is a HTC device. I like it but the small virtual keypad is proving to be a big drawback. I like the power, the large screen and the touch screen. I have had it since it came out but I am already looking for the next best thing. I am not really happy with this phone. The hype this last week has been the iPhone. It looks cool but has a virtual keyboard and does not support business email. I will wait to see the reviews about it. A great site for looking at all the specs on a new phone is The HTC S730 is the phone I have my eye on. It is slated for later this summer. So probably be at AT&T in the fall. It still has the slider keyboard, is slightly smaller than the 8525 but it lacks a touch screen. The lack of touch screen is a big drawback for me but might not kill the deal. They have the specs on this phone and the little brother the HTC S720. HTC does have an answer to the iPhone but it still has no keypad which does not excite me - the HTC Touch.
You will notice a camera on the front right corner of this phone. There is another camera on the back. The front camera has been a feature on a few rumored HTC phone but has never actually materiallized. This may be the real deal. AT&T announced a video conference feature recently.