3G iPhone?

I was surfing for the latest news on the rumored new iMacs and stumbled upon this article. The rumor is that Apple has a 3G version of the iPhone in the works. They basically have to given that it is a sweet phone but has some limitations. This article states that we may see the 3G version this November before the Christmas season. If they could figure out a way to make the business email a reality I would be in with a 3G version! All those poor people who dove in and spent $600 on the first generation. I shouldn't laugh. I did that with the Treo 600 but it was a revolutionary device at the time. Given that I need the email and speed is a must if the functions are going to be worth anything I am waiting for the new and improved version. The article also talks about the affect on RIM. You would think that this is something apple is looking to address.