The iPhone - Not quite for the business user

I have played with the iPhone and was very impressed. A friend of mine waited in line to get one the night they came out. I have since bugged him two or three times to play with it. It is the most beautiful device I have ever had my hands on it. It is truely a new device. Most phones will do some music but this is a better music and video device than any previous phone or iPod. I would encourage anyone to get their hands on it to see it.
The picture at the top is a line to the main page for the iPhone. Watch the demo at the top of the page to see all the functions. The resolution is amazing as well as the interface. It does need some improvement before I am willing to make the leap. First it has to have the ability to get my Outlook email in real time. The second is it needs to be faster to truly take advantage of the great features and web it has. The next version needs to be 3G and a company will find out how to get the Outlook to sync. The keyboard could be challenging for someone who used the phone to do email very much but for the other features I think I could get over it.
The improvements over my current phone are the full sized keyboard on the phone. My current phone the Cingular 8525 has a virtual keyboard that is the most difficult frustrating thing in the world. The iPhone keypad is large with a finger easily fitting on each key. It is really thin which is an improvement over the 8525. I would buy this today if I could make the jump to not being connected to my email at all times. Life might get better if I could make that leap.